Saturday, April 07, 2018

Happy Birthday Tanner

Happy Birthday Tanner!  This is your first birthday at the Bridge.  I know you are loving life there and playing with all your brothers.  We miss you everyday still, but I am thankful for all the time we had together.  I love all the memories we shared, and remember you fondly.  You were a great boy.  Love you lots my Big Orange T!

Monday, April 02, 2018

Mancat Monday

Lots of photos again from a full week of activity!  The boys are all doing well.
Easter, or really any weekend, is the perfect time for fresh cat nip.  Flynn believes he should be brought some every time you go outside!  Top to bottom - Oliver, Harrison, Rusty, Flynn, Cousin Georgie 
The boys were blessed with crocheted eggs filled with catnip from a friend.  Each egg is in the boys color.  Sorry for poor photo quality.  They were excited about their eggs and not sitting still!  Here is Oliver with his orange egg. 
Harrison checking out his red egg.

Flynn loves his teal egg...

Rusty loved his navy egg too, but would not sit near it for a was usually rolling down the hall for him to hatch! 
Speaking of Rusty, he finally discovered this toy. It's been sitting in the living room his entire life!

  A portion of the track is covered by a blanket, which makes it even more fun...where does that ball go?
Getting ready to pounce...he entertained himself for at least an hour!

We had a beautiful weekend, so open windows were necessary.  The panthers wasted no time in sniffing the fresh air, and watching all the birds in the yard.

This was Rusty's first Easter, so I picked up this cute bow tie for him.  He did pretty good about wearing it.  I fastened it on and started playing with his favorite toy, so he forgot about it.  He looks so handsome!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Passover weekend.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Mancat Monday

Lots of photos in this post.  The boys are all doing well.
Harrison and Flynn got a new toy from a friend for their birthdays.  Everyone loved it! 
There are almost enough balls/levels for each boy to have their own.  Here's Harrison giving the ball a whack.  
Rusty was a bit afraid at first, but once he saw the others playing he gave it a go...  
They also got a new looks bigger in the photos online!  Of course, Flynn is a giant baby! 
Flynn checking out the kitchen from on top of the fridge... 
Rusty found the purple puff.  When I glanced over and saw him, I first thought he was Tanner.  Had to do a double take! 
Rusty now weighs 10 pounds.  He is slowing down on the amount he gains each week now, which is good.  I'm hoping he is about done growing. 
Oliver has the paw dangle down... 
Flynn is getting too big for this bed! 
Everyone playing nicely together.  Love my family!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Harrison

Happy Birthday to my sweet Harrison.  He is still trying to find himself in the world.  He has moments of asking to snuggle, and moments of running away and hissing because you have frightened him.  He reminds me a lot of Smokey, who took 5 years before he would sit on my lap.

Harrison talks a lot, sometimes he is asking for food, sometimes he is looking for his baby, Rusty, and sometimes he is just chatting away for no reason.  He loves the water...I'll probably fill the bathtub for him this weekend so he can swim.  He gets along with everyone and is a fun addition to the family.

Here's to many more birthdays with you Harrison.  I can't wait to watch your personality blossom as the years pass by.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy Birthday Flynn

Happy Birthday to my big goof Flynn!  You bring such joy to our home.  It is hard to believe that you are two already.  I remember with such clarity the day I went and picked you and Harrison up.  You are a good brother and very tolerant.  I am happy you are in my family.  Here's to many more years with you!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mancat Monday

Rusty can't handle losing an hour of sleep because of Daylight Saving Time.
I don't blame you buddy... 
Wiped out... 
Tried to play later on, but just face planted on the carpet!

We are all struggling this week...only 8 more months until we get our hour back!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mancat Monday

The mancats continue to do well and are as crazy as ever.
Rusty is growing every week and now weighs just over 9 pounds.  He is a thick fella, with solid arms and legs.  He doesn't have the super skinny chicken legs that Tanner had.  He is very soft and quick to purr.  He is getting better at being held, as long as you hold him the "right" way.  He still sneezes some but not as often as before. 
Rusty loves Harrison and Harry is a good sport to put up with him!  Here Rusty decided to just go and sit on Harry!  I know Harrison is hard to see on the hard wood floor...we should have gone with a grey floor instead of dark brown!  LOL 
The panthers all took refuge in my room while the piano tuner was at the house on Thursday.  Rusty was in the closet behind some clothes.  The panthers from left to right are Oliver, Harrison and Flynn. 
Petsmart was giving away these toy boxes if you bought so many toys...Flynn thinks it makes a great bed!